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Lisbon – Portugal

Branding and Repositioning – Asset Management

4 star Lisbon hotel in the 100-150 bedroom category

HotelAdvice was appointed in late 2011 and following extensive feasibility work recommended Owner to discontinue the then existing brand affiliation, rebrand and reposition the hotel. A Hotel Management Agreement was signed in 2012 and both PIP work as well as transition took place in 2013. Since then the business has grown significantly absorbing the burdensome transition expenses and moving towards its stabilising full year 3 since the branding and repositioning.

Key Performance indicators

  • Profits growth from transition 2013 to 2015 by 167%
  • 54% Revenue growth during the same period
  • GOP conversion from 17% to 29%, aiming for 33% current year.

HotelAdvice continues to Asset Manage this hotel business on behalf of the owner as well as providing advisory services in relation to expansion plans and a new hotel project.