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Owner Representation

A professional discreet service with a focus on asset growth and delivering Return on Investment.

Owner representation services are commonly provided for wealthy individuals, institutional investors or owners, who's time is at a premium and therefore require assistance to ensure the performance of their asset is controlled and delivering optimum Return on Investment.

Asset performance is typically fully reliant on the operator, where they are often under lease by multinational brands, some with revenue based or guaranteed minimum leases, or on management contracts. An owner representation ensures the assets interests are managed.

Requirements from those individuals and owners are rarely the same and our professional, discreet service is fully customised to suit. Services can range from full asset management and operational management to quarterly or bi-annual reviews and reporting. In each instance the commonality however is to ensure the owners strategic goals are met.

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  • Strategic planning
  • Owner interest management
  • Capital investments
  • Brand standards
  • Sales & Revenue Management
  • Periodic asset reviews & reporting
  • Asset management
  • Feasibility Market Studies